University Project

Mixed Media


This project started as a workshop in the course Group Identities under the direction of Enver Hadzijaj at the department for graphic design at Bauhaus-Universität Weimar in the winter semester of 2015/16.

The assignment for this three-day workshop was to design and furnish a fictional hotel called «Château Disgrace». The Design or Interior was supposed to convey the themes of forgetting, remembering, and reconstructing. In a team with Jakob Tress and Samuel Solazzo, we decided to create a distorted mirror as part of the interior of the fictional hotel. The design shows the mirror itself and its reflections. The photos were shot in the studio of the Space for Visual Research.

In 2018 this work was curated to become part of the second edition of the book «Space for Visual Research». As our two-day photo shoot didn’t yield a sufficient selection, we decided to conduct a second photo shoot to broaden our choice for the final design.