The Matter of Data

Centre for Documentary Architecture

Exhibition, Identity


Poster: DIN A1, 4c

The Centre for Documentary Architecture (CDA) is an interdisciplinary project that explores buildings as documents and built environments as archives in which history is inscribed. The CDA is composed of architects, filmmakers, artists, programmers, historians and theorists who conduct a number of collective and individual research projects in contested areas or historical periods where architecture could be used as a registry of political relations and transformations.

In 2019 the CDA organized an exhibition about the migration history of so-called «Bauhaus Modernism» in relation to the logistics of exporting structural components and building materials from Germany to Palestine in the 1930s. 

For the exhibition the Max Liebling House in Tel Aviv was rebuilt into a 3D model, accessible on the CDA website. On a virtual tour of the house one can wander through the different rooms and delve into the findings of the CDA concerning information about building materials, inhabitants, ideas, migrations and influences. The model serves as a spacial database system that puts all these discoveries into perspective.

At the exhibition itself multiple media types where used to convey information, such as a documentary video, a physical model of the house, a carpet that was dyed in the original colors of the paint used in the house and a working table, which gave additional information and allowed visitors to explore different materials, models and photographs of the building. 

Find detailed information about the exhibition here.

Bauhaus-Museum, Weimar, 27.9.–3.11.19
Max Liebling House, Tel Aviv, 19.9.19–1.4.20
Satellit Galerie, Berlin, 30.1.–29.2.20

As part of the design team at CDA, I worked together with Leon Lukas Plum and Moritz Ebeling. We created the identity and the website for the exhibition and the CDA itself. My part of the work was focussed on printed matter in the exhibition and the Interface of the 3D world on wich I worked together with programmer and 3D enthusiast René Weiser.

Weimar: Centre for Documentary Architecture, Photos: Heidi Gumpert
Berlin: Centre for Documentary Architecture, Photos: Ortrun Bargholz