Dynamic Identites

University Project

Identity, Video


The assignment of this course was to choose one out of two briefings – either a local museum of modern arts (Kunsthaus Apolda Avantgarde) or a publishing house for liberal arts (VDG Verlag Weimar) – and to develop a corporate identity for them. The premise in this course was to think outside the frame of static logo design and to develop a dynamic system with a range of visual elements that result in a variable but coherent identity.

I worked together with Anne Marx on the identity for the publishing house VDG Verlag Weimar. The first job was to design a logo system that frames VDG and its associate publishing house named BUW Verlag Weimar. We created a simple system which was inspired by folders in operating systems.

The second task was to create a system to frame the different book series of both publishing houses. We used the names of the publishing house, the book series and the book titles to generate colors which gave every book its individual cover design.

Read about the complete process and system here.

This video was created as part of the winter semester course Dynamic Identites in the Bild/Text/Konzeption class under the direction of Tobias Dahl and Patrick Martin at the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar in 2015.