Are You a Model?

TU Darmstadt



Publisher: JOVIS Verlag, Berlin

Format: 170x240mm

Print: 4c Offset-Print

Finishing: cover flap, embossing

Are You a Model? explores the model as architectural tool and practice. The volume approaches architectural models not as categorical objects but through questions such as: What determines a model’s functions and agencies? When in the design process does it unfold its power and when has it served its purpose? Based on nine overarching questions, the book brings together interdisciplinary voices from architecture, art history as well as architectural and curatorial practice, and software engineering. 30 contributions interweave perspectives from various disciplines and geographies, and reveal surprising affinities rather than seeking conclusive answers. Models are thus not classified according to time of origin, genre, or material, but rather understood as an epistemologically diverse practice. (book blurb)

Are You a Model? was a three day international conference at Technical University of Darmstadt organized by the chair for Architecture Theory and Science from November 2 – 4 2022.